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"Can't believe how quick the process has been, everything was signed and sent to the installers within 2 days. Just waiting for the installation date. A huge stress relief. Thank you."


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"From the first day of the advisor coming out to meet us and discuss our options, I knew this was the right choice for my husband and I to make."


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"I dealt with Steven who from start to finish has been fantastic and very supportive when I was unsure if I was ever going to be able to afford solar..I now can relax and look forward to being bill free in the future"

- MIck

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With reduced energy costs, Bobbie from Glenelg finally got back in control of his finances - so he took his family to Dreamworld... Guv, you're a Legend!

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"Best thing we ever did"

  John, St Andrews Farm

John, a semi-retired building surveyor, and his wife Brenda, installed a 10kWh battery using a subsidy and upgraded their existing solar panels to 5.4kW at the same time.

“I’ve always believed in doing it – I’m a building surveyor by profession and I assess energy efficiency daily when I’m approving buildings,” said John.

“My previous bill was $684. The first bill came nine days after the system went in and we got a $58 rebate. I was flabbergasted – my jaw dropped. Our last full bill came the other day and I got a $159 rebate for the quarter. We don’t get any bills anymore, only rebates.”

“The new batteries are a viable technology. They’re affordable and there’s a reasonable payback time. We worked out it would take eight years to break even – with the rebate I’m thinking it’s down to about four or five years. That puts it in the realms of being affordable."


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The Guv' is an independent Solar advice service just for homeowners. With The Guv', you get free advice that could help put your energy problems six feet under.

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The Guv' is a digital firm that can connect you with a suitable Solar solution company. We do not charge for our service or directly provide Solar solution products; we offer our customers no-obligation referrals and we are paid by the Introducer we refer to.

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